Veranda Inspired by Color


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From subtle tints to saturated hues, this stunning volume from Veranda showcases sensational uses of colour in some of the worldÕs grandest homes.

Step into more than 30 exquisite houses, all decorated by renowned designers, for a beautiful lesson in how colour sets the tone for a room. They are among the most outstanding homes ever presented in Veranda, from elegant white-on-white spaces to moody, evocative rooms with gilded touches, and bold, maximalist residences where robust hues abound. Along with the hundreds of spectacular photographs, expert designers share their secrets to creating warm, inviting rooms of every shade.

Designers include: Roberto Bergero, Alessandra Branca, James Carter, Kay Douglass, Mary Douglas Drysdale, Susan Ferrier, Beverly Field, Kelli Ford, Richard Hallberg, Julie Hayes, Suzanne Kasler, Celerie Kemble, Cathy Kincaid, Amanda Nisbet, Nick Olsen, Miles Redd, John Saladino, Tara Shaw, Jan Showers, Ruthie Sommers, Greg Stewart

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